Things NYSC PCMs Should Not Leave Home Without


The Necessary Things Nysc PCMs Should Not Leave Home Without.

Things NYSC PCMs Should Not Leave Home Without


The next batch due for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) – Batch B 2017 – will be going for camping from November 21st, 2017.

What and what should you take to Camp? Do you really need most of the things you’ve packed into your big leather box already? Here’s a checklist of what we think an ‘Otondoh’ like you is like to need…

Camp Items

1 Documents and Photocopies
2 Call-up letter
3 Statement of Result/transcript
4 First degree certificates
5 School ID card
6 Passport photographs
You won’t be allowed into camp premises without any of them. Go there with about 10 passports & 5 document photocopies each

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7 Toothbrush & Toothpaste
8 Bath soap & Sponge
9 Detergent & Bar Soap
10 Toilet Paper
11 Towel


12 Sanitary Pads & Tampons
13 Shower Caps
14 Bleach
15 Disinfectants
16 Buckets & Bailer
17 Body Cream & Lotion

Its ok to buy buckets and non-essentials at the camp.

Clothing Items

18 White T-shirts
19 White Shorts
20 Whites tennis shoes
21 White socks
22 Underwear
23 Bed sheets
24 Perfumes/ body spray
25 Rubber slippers/flip flops
26 Combs and hair needs
27 Makeup & accessories

* You will be provided with 2 pairs of white T-shirts and shorts in camp but you can take up to 2 pairs along.
* Colored panties will be too conspicuous under the white tops and bottoms.
* You can take a 2 – 3 sets of casual wears/mufti for Sunday and camp fire night.
* 1 pair of shoe and socks is okay. It is good to have a white rubber shoe that is easy to clean (sold at camp also)

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Other Recommended Items

28 Torch lights
29 Mosquito nets/mosquito repellant
30 Food flasks, cups, drinking flasks & cutlery
31 Cloth hangers
32 Wrist watch
33 Padlocks and keys
34 Waist pouch
35 Handkerchiefs/face towels/Kleenex
36 Pegs/clips

37 Get a cheap watch. Every one uses a waist purse. Its your camp bestie. Most of these items can be easily bought in the camp so don’t worry. If you cant get them before travelling.

Optional First Aid Items

38 Methylated spirits/ rubbing alcohol
39 Band aids/plasters
40 Robb
41 Bandages
42 Cotton wool
43 Anti-purging pills (flagyl, tetracycline etc.)
44 Anti-malaria pills
45 Inhaler (for those who are asthmatic)

These aren’t necessary except you have something to treat or known allergies


46 Camera & batteries
47 Writing pads and stationary
48 Novels/Books
49 Pillow
50 Games
51 Mp3/ iPod
52 Eye pads for sleeping & ear plugs
53 Surge protectors / extensions
54 Glue sticks & stapler

If you have an internet-enabled camera phone, do take it along. Camp life can be very boring without one. You will like to take pictures and share with your friends. You only need to be very vigilant and protective of your things. If you feel you need a bulletproof vest or helmet, please carry it. You know what we mean, don’t you?

* Never, ever, ever run out of it. Bring as much as you can afford.
* Mirrors and forks are known to be contraband items in camp
* Prices of items apart from fast consumer goods (Credit, Gala, Indomie etc) are usually higher than those outside so it is advisable you buy the things you can before going into camp.


The mobile network currently has over 1000 members and provides tips and resources for corps members.

It’s a cool network that can also benefit all youth corp members who are currently on or about to embark on their primary assignment.


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