NYSC SAED Skills To Learn in Camp as A Corp Member (PCMs)


NYSC PCMs: 12 SAED SKills To Learn In Camp.

SAED Skills To Learn in Camp as A Corp Member


This article is about Twelve (12) SAED Skills you will learn in Camp. During your three weeks orientation programme, you will be expected to participate and learn a skill.

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As a corp member, you will have the opportunity to learn or aquire atleast one of these SAED skills. We at Students Nigeria have highlight some of these skills for you below in order to get prepared. Try to avail yourself with one of these skills as you never can tell if it will be of great benefits to you in the future.

12 SAED SKills To Learn In Camp As Corp Member


This SAED program partners with organization involved in large scale processing, production and packaging of food using ultra modern equipment and methods. They are usually educate and train interested NYSC corp members in the skills in processing and packaging of food.

It really is an invaluable skill to acquire with the recent trend toward food processing and packaging.


SAED’s ICT sector finds organizations that are ready to give out knowledge on computer skills to students. Some of these skills would include skills on Microsoft office, PowerPoint, web design, graphic design, program management and more.

Power & Energy

Organizations that can teach corp members on certain ways to generate power and energy are contacted in this section. The trainings include how to build solar power and more. Knowledge on this can be a big source of revenue for corp members when taken seriously.


The automobile section of SAED, driving schools are contacted to help corpers learn the skills of driving. A lot of  serving corp members find themselves interested in this section which I feel is very useful for all graduates to learn.


Beautification entails making visual improvements to a person, place or thing. With the SAED program in the NYSC camp it is a common thing to see beauticians teach corpers preliminary phases of art works, embellishing pictures and all sorts.


This is more of construction sector. Most of the training in this section usually include include brick laying, building of houses, building of roads, and others like it. It usually an interesting course for many corp members.


The NYSC SAED allies with experts involved in the make-over, makeup, skin care, hair  and beauty products. Corp members interested in this usually learn useful skills in improving and perfecting the hair style of clients. With this knowledge, many corpers make a business out of hair styling for special events.

Culture and tourism

The culture and tourism section of SAED is interested in educating fresh graduates on how to make a business from culture and tourism. Culture and tourism places importance on art works, relics and attractive centers of a community that raises the interest of tourists. A good knowledge of the business is important if a person wants to embark on it.

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In the education sector, organizations involved usually educate corp members who have a passion for teaching and learning. In seeing the various opportunities in the education sector as well as how to make a business out of it.


The environment section is on teachings on the dangers facing the environment. Trainings on environmental ecology and economics are taught.

Film and photography

The photography and film is involved in training corp members on how to operate cameras, both video and photo. To be able to produce excellent film and photos requires a skill that needs to be acquired. That is what this NYSC SAED sector is interested in teaching corp members

Food Processing/Preservation

This section has to do with technologies involved in processing and preservation of foods. NYSC Corp members interested in this are trained on the modern technologies and ways to use them in processing and preserving food. The training also covers for how to make a business out of it.

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