Best States To Serve As A Corper In NYSC Nigeria – Top 10


Best States To Serve As A Corper In NYSC Nigeria Serving your country for one full year should be a thing of joy. It should be something that every youth undergoing one form of tertiary education or the other should look forward to.

Best States To Serve As A Corper In NYSC Nigeria

However, this is simply not the case with youths in the country. Students dread the yearly service to their country due to the antecedents and ambiguous troubles faced by their predecessors.

The purpose of creating the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) by a military decree on 22nd May 1973 was to help foster the unity of a nation just coming from the backdrop of a harrowing civil war which brought the nation to its knees.

It is clear from the trend prevailing on the subject of NYSC that the aim and purpose of creating the NYSC have been routinely defeated due to the innumerable negative experiences by unfortunate and innocent youth corp members over the years.

10 Best States To Serve As Corper In NYSC Nigeria is a list of some peaceful places in Nigeria that you can serve and never regret it. We have about 36 states in Nigeria to spend 11 months for NYSC. However, among the 36 states, we still have best

Saying a state is the best for NYSC May not be correct because i don’t really believe there is a bad state. Anywhere you are posted, you can bring the best out of it. so if we don’t mention your state on our list, pls bear with us or let us kown about it so that we can include here also.

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Here are the List of Best States To Serve As Corper In NYSC Nigeria

The article is based on view, You may have yours. And also, this list will be according to:
* Location
* Infrastructure
* State Allowee
* Job Opportunities
* Exposure
* etc

1. Lagos State

2. Kano State

3. Ogun State

4. Plateau State

5. Akwa Ibom State

6. Enugu State

7. Rivers State

8. Cross River State

9. Osun State

10. Niger state

Remember, no state is bad. Everywhere is good. NYSC is more than looking for the best place, its making where you are posted the best.


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