Amstel Malta Box Office 2019 Registration and Audition Date/Venue


Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) Registration 2019/2020 | AMBO Audition Date, Venue And How to Apply online.

Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) Registration

Amstel Malta Box Office, also known as AMBO is a Nigerian television reality show launched in 2005. The TV reality show is sponsored by Nigerian Breweries, the largest brewing company in Nigeria

The goal of the Amstel Malta box office is to groom young Nigerians with potentials to become super star actors and actresses.

The young Nigerians are selected through a system that is fair and unbiased by a panel of judges. These young Nigerians participating in the reality show are then housed for about a month . . . the period the show last.

During this period, the participants act out different roles in hit scripts and display their acting prowess.

Of course, not all the participants who started out in the Amstel Malta TV show stay in the house for one month. Like its counterpart, MTN Project Fame,participants are evicted from the house one after the order when the critical period of the show is reached.

There is going to be only one winner . . . the super star who will win the movie contract along with a luxury car and cash that will make the eyes of the poor bulge with envy.

The eviction process seeks to eliminate the “not so good actors” and retain only the best.

If you think the one month long show is a walk in the park, it’s about time you think again. If you’re preparing to participate in AMBO 4, better prepare well. This is serious business.

The show is rigorous, to say the least. The participants stay up late in the night rehearsing, mastering their script. And when they step out to shoot or act out the script, it’s easy to tell who is on the path to stardom and who is on his way home.

Nigerian Breweries Plc, producers of Amstel Malta malt drink and sponsors of the Amstel Malta abox Office (AMBO), have a track record of success.

Other reality TV shows and entertainment shows sponsor by the company include:

And all of these shows are premium shows with track record of tremendous success.

Consequently, winning the AMBO contest is big deal. The winner is completely and totally set up for success in the Nigerian movie world.


How to Register For Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) Show

At the time of publishing this post, The Amstel Malta Box Office registration for 2019/2020 has NOT yet commenced. For more information about Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) Registration 2019, kindly bookmark this page and like us on FACEBOOK to be the first to get Amstel Malta Box Office updates for free.


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